Quick Shortcut Maker APK Alternatives – Best Apps To Create Quick Shortcuts

Quick Shortcut Maker APK is one of the best apps to create easy and quick shortcuts. It helps you to create a shortcut for every app on your Android device. As managing your Android device is not always easy you have to handle several operations at once from your Gmail account to Whatsapp status. That is why there are multiple apps which you can use to create quick shortcuts. Whatever it may be at the present time there are a number of new and advanced apps that helps you to easily sort out all of your problems by simply creating quick shortcuts.

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Here are some of the best Quick Shortcut Maker APK alternatives

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Floating Toolbox: Floating Toolbox is one of the most popular alternatives to Quick Shortcut Maker APK. It is an easy and intuitive app that easily allows the users to create quick shortcuts that can be used for the accessing of the apps and functions at one time. You can easily create a customizable drop on the home screen wherever you want or wish to put it. In addition to this, you will also be able to access many different functions by just simply tapping it. All the functions and apps will be easily represented with an icon which actually will pop on the list of the tool icon. If you want to edit the settings, you can easily do by just dragging the bloat to the edit menu. This app comes with a standard version that is free and also a pro version that costs nearly $1 only.

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Shorty: Shorty is not as elegant as the other alternatives of Quick Shortcut Maker APK but it is an easy to use interface app which makes it users first choice to download. This application displays an “S” letter on the red circle where you can easily tap and the shortcut will appear. With the help of the Shortly users can easily make shortcuts for minimum 5 tasks and activities on their Android device. It is a great delightful application and also one of the best Quick Shortcut Maker APK alternatives.

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EasyTouch: EasyTouch is another great alternative to Quick Shortcut Maker APK. With this APK you can easily setup and create shortcuts in just 2 seconds of time. In addition to this users can also access the camera setups, tethering options and also WiFi. You can also handle other tasks from the setting panel as well. By the help of EasyTouch, you can easily navigate the shortcuts with the help of this amazing alternative of Quick Shortcut Maker APK.

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Simple Shortcuts: After these amazing apps like Quick Shortcut Maker APK. The next app which is on our list is the Simple Shortcuts APK. As the name of the Simple Shortcuts speaks, this APK shows it’s a simple app that allows you create shortcuts by just some simple and easy methods.

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Assistive Touch 2: Assistive Touch 2 is also a great app that you can use for the same purpose of creating Quick Shortcuts to your Android device.

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There is a number of apps that are available in the Android marker but these 5 are some of the best alternatives to Quick Shortcut Maker APK. You can use these apps to create Quick shortcuts and can also let us know in the comment section about other apps that you use to create Quick Shortcuts.