Annotation 1: Davies, L. (2009), “Accused fraudster swaps designer life for prison green”, The Daily Telegraph, 19 December, available at:

This article explore the theoretical and empirical effects that leads to crime and delinquency. Rahina Subramaniam, a suburban wife with a high alleged taste for rich life has left her accused of nation’s one of the biggest done fraud ever. The 40 year old lady has commited a crime to just fullfil his selfish desires. There are many thoughts arises that how she was involved in doing fraud. Well, to get the simple answer one could understand the strain’s theory. Many factors lead one person to commit crime and delinquency like fear, anger, insecurity, and failure. The origin of these factors is mainly our surrounding. If a person reside in a positive helpful surrounding then his behavior and natural will be automatically positive. If residing in a criminal or negative environment then his behavior will be accordingly to that environment. That’s why environment is a crucial factor for a person behavioural responsiveness.

This article will further explore and emphasize my views that the negative stimuli and responses and as well as the surrounding effect is one of the possible reasons that force a person to do evil and misconduct. Strain’s theory helps to understand how these factors affect a person or a youngster. These factors force them to contribute to the criminology side and later it leads the results the society to suffer. As likewise the lady Rahina Subramaniam did. She was reinforceed for all the significant labeling effects of the crime and delinquency justice system. It is attributed to the strain theory of crime and delinquency and helps us to understand how to divert people to set aside the adverse effects and always be positive in their life.

Annotation 2: R Agnew. (1992), “Foundation for a general strain theory of crime and delinquency”,Willey Online Library, available at:

This article will further describes the social construction of crime and delinquency and finds the ways of using this framework to understand the criminology efficiently and effectively. R Agnew (1992) claims that certain strains or stressors lead to the negative emotions which later results in crime and delinquency. Doing Crime is one of the possible negative response of especially when people lack the simple ability to cope in with any matter in a legal manner. In addition to this, the inability to achieve common successful goals also leads a person to the side of crime and delinquency. Agnew’s Foundation for a general strain theory of crime and delinquency focus on a much more comprehensive range of strains and all factors that influence the likelihood of criminal coping. Strain’s approach is distinguished from social learning and social control theory. This theory specifies the types of pressures that most likely lead one person to do crime and delinquency.

According to Strain’s theory adolescents are exposed to harmful stimuli may directly cope up with the resultant strain through some illegal mechanisms. In other words, those who are victims of bullying and identifying abusive relationships with the peers as a strain may lead to negative emotions like fear, anger, depression and as well as frustration. It later creates more offensive behaviors in them and leads them to crime and delinquency. This article is useful for the final essay and is also essential as it will directly from the basis of my argument that crime and delinquency have contributed to the Australian criminal system and will also help to understand the particular crimes done by people.

What To Look For When Choosing An Outsourcing Partner?

Choosing an outsourcing partner isn’t as easy as ABC. With a fast changing business dynamics and growing competition in the international world, outsourcing business is becoming more and more significant these days. As outsourcing is not just all about selecting a partner or service provider. It’s way more than that because selecting the right outsourcing partner will not be the one who will just look after your interests and insights but will also help your business to grow.


It is always a great concern of question that what to look for when choosing an outsourcing partner. You are actually embarking on a long-term relationship with a business partner that is why you have to select an outsourcing partner who is a potential service provider and also a well-qualified supplier. Whether your brand entity is small or large, getting your business process outsourced to other partners and vendors is always beneficial and also a great progressive thing to do.


Like any other selection process or any decision-making activity, there are many factors that easily influence the outsourcing choice. Below are some of the main significant factors that you can count while considering or opting for a right outsourcing partner.


Available Infrastructure


Whenever you are selecting an outsourcing partner you must ensure that they have a good communication infrastructure, transportation, production facilities and as well as the availability of the necessary resources like electricity and the other similar aspects should be also considered before making a choice of an outsourcing partner. In addition to this, all these things will not just only focus on the company but also in the country of the outsourcing provider as well. Because if a country is developed with a well-updated infrastructure then for sure its service providers will be in a good position to serve their clients and employers.


Resources Quality


The other and also the foremost thing which will consider business for outsourcing is the resources quality that will be used and provided to you. These resources mainly include the professional expertise and skills of labor in the outsourcing country. So before you make a decision the following should be ensured.

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  1. Reputable and reliable company
  2. Great availability of skilled and professionally qualified labor.
  3. Similar projects have been completed by the company
  4. A good experience and practical working ethics of employees


Intellectual patents and property rights


It is so important for an outsourcing vendor to comply and understand with customers patents and as well as property rights. If a business or country does not imply rules and regulation that are governing and also protecting the confidentiality of intellectual property rights then it may easily lead to the loss of all valuable information and as well as company data. So that’s why before selecting a service provider you must make sure that they have signed the confidentiality agreements and as well as also complied with your business standards and regulations.


Experienced and qualified experts


Always make sure you shake your hands with an experienced provider which has a great extensive knowledge to handle different aspects of projects. A well-experienced outsourcing service provider will be easily able to do work according to your preferred customization preference and will be also able to suggest you more effective options to easily build a strong image of your brand that results in a great profit boost. In addition to this, the other main benefit you can get by choosing a right outsourcing partner is the effective strategies and promising services.


Effective and efficient communication


It is well known that effective and efficient communication is always a key goal of success. For a good communication, it is essential that your outsourcing partner is near to you because if your outsourcing partner is far away from your location then communication can be difficult. You need to assess the required communication facilities and as well as infrastructure to easily ensure constant communication and regulation with a vendor or outsourcing partner. Ability to understand your language can be also a vital effective point for communication.


Costs and expenses


Costs and expenses are one of the major objectives of hiring a service provider because they help in cutting down the costs and expenses that incurred in the production phases. As there is a large number of companies that are offering outsources services, you must ensure that you choose the right one. This is one of the primary consideration which many business entities consider before actually building an outsourcing partnership.


These are some of the key considerations that you must keep in mind while making the selection of a good and as well as a right outsourcing partner. Select the experienced and the reliable professionals for good economic stability and also for an excellent financial growth for your business.

How to combine multiple filters on Snapchat pictures easily?

You must have heard about the Snapchat. It is an elegant feature app that allows users to take photos, add filters, record videos, liens, sketch overlay, text and send them directly to the controlled list of the recipients. All these sent videos and photographs are actually known as the Snaps.


In addition, to this user can easily set up a time for how long viewers can view their snaps, the average is from 1 to 10 seconds interval. After this time period, the snaps will get automatically invisible. The main aim of designing Snapchat is to disappear the videos and photos after a significant period of time interval.


However, many users have found many great ways to keep their photos safe for an as long time as they need like taking a snapshot of their snap. Snapchat is also a great fun messaging app that allows you take beautiful photos and videos, in addition to this, it also allows users to add the captions or doodles and as well as the lens graphic over the top side and then after that just easily send your awesome photo to your friends.


How to send Snaps in Snapchat?


Make Snaps:


The very first step that you have to do to send a Snap in Snapchat is starts first when you make a Snap. You can easily make a Snap on the main screen, just you have to do is to tap on the large camera button to take a perfect snap and then hold down it for a particular time period to record a video. One, you will finish this, a screen preview will appear with some options for adjusting the length, sending the snap and as well as customizing pixels etc.


Sending Snaps:


After making a perfect Snap the next step that you have to do in this amazing app is to just send your snaps that you had just made. Snapchat allows users to send Snaps in a quite good and effective manner as compared to any other app.  You have to just only do is to tap on the screen and click on the send button and send it to your recipient or your loving friend.

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Here is how you can easily combine multiple filters on Snapchat app:


Step 1: First, open the app and take a good quick selfie as usually you take.


Step 2: Once you are completely satisfied with the quality of pictures, just swipe your left finger across the screen to join a color filter into it.


Step 3: Use your thumb to just hold and press anywhere on the screen if you want to add a second filter. In addition to this, it will also help you to hold your color that you choose in the filter.


Step 4: Next, just use your hand to get the other filters, that mainly includes temperature, time, miles per hour and as well as any type of the geo filters for your prescribed location.


Step 5: After deciding best filter combination then also you have the option to add an exotic caption and as well as the doodle to the snap.


Step 6: If you want to send these all multi-filtered snap, then just tap on the arrow that is on the bottom right side of the screen.